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Lions Low Vision Center

Through the Lions Vision Center (LVC), the Lions Vision Research Foundation and Wilmer are committed to supporting low vision research and rehabilitation to minimize the disability caused by low vision and blindness. The Center's professional staff includes physicians, optometrists, research scientists, rehabilitation therapists, and ophthalmic technicians. Together they have created a low vision rehabilitation program that has become a model for clinics elsewhere.

The LVC has three integrated missions: research and development, education, and patient care in low vision (uncorrectable vision loss). All three missions brought to bear on the search for an understanding of the causes of low vision, better management of patients, and, ultimately, effective treatments.

What the Center Offers:
At the Low Vision Rehabilitative Service, a multidisciplinary team of doctors and rehabilitative specialists works closely with the patient, family, friends and the referring doctor to assist an individual in regaining function lost by visual impairment. This typically includes addressing vision issues causing problems with reading, driving and activities of daily living.

Typical conditions seen at this service include:


How to contact the Lions Low Vision Clinic:
If you'd like more information about the Lions Low Vision Service or want to set an appointment, please discuss it with your eye doctor. Then you or your eye doctor should call the Center at 410-955-0580, Monday through Friday between 8:30 and 4:30 EST, or fax them a request at 410-955-1829. They will send you a letter confirming your appointment, and a questionnaire to fill out and return to them.